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This is interesting. This gets very interesting.

After making this review and after complaining to them about them sending us outdated phones and after my roommate complained again I bet everything he was going through they sent him a new phone and if a few days later they turned it off. Now that last part was speculation. He can't even call 611. He can't call anyone and he can't take calls.

And they can't even explain why his phone won't work. This made me so exasperated that I went ahead and cancelled my own service. They kept making excuses for it such as enhancements and such as upgrades on the service but ironically an interesting Lee my phone had not been turned off. There's nothing we can do to prove it but I suspect they retaliated against my roommate for complaining too much and shut his phone off.

I don't know if this really happened but we have a right to complain when we're not satisfied with something and we certainly have a right to complain if you're angry about something they are supposed to serve us not the other way around. I don't usually tell people what to do but I suggest we launched some sort of a class-action and have this company shut down. I also believe that Universal Lifeline needs to shape up I did not even get such bad service when I was using the wired phones.

One more thing my roommate needed his phone for his job and ironically when they shut his phone off it was when his boss had commanded him to use his phone for his call reports. Have Assurance Wireless shut down how about a class-action

Original review posted by user Feb 21, 2018

We had some issues with this phone a lot my roommate and myself. It is finally around this time that we found out from ZTE themselves that we received outdated phones because Assurance Wireless said they were the only phones available with the lifeline service.

I wrote an email to Assurance Wireless complaining about that and calling him on it and all they had to say was we're doing our best and we can send you a replacement if you like if you are eligible. They send us the same model every time and it never works right.

The phone itself would be great if it were upgraded and better quality. People with money issues deserve the best phone service just like anyone else and they also deserve a better attitude.

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