You lied about your service, took my money, and lived your life without thinking twice. You stole money from hard working people, living in a difficult economy, and should be ashamed.

I sure hope you are paying for it now. I want my money back!!!!! I am sure you owe several people money in returns, I know, I am not alone. What your company has done, is unacceptable.

You are theives, and only thinking about yourselves. Whomever you are, and have taken money from millions of hard working people living in this difficult economy, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Believe me, it will not stop here. Just give us our money back!!!!!

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Besides that this could be to well...any company, I feel that 6 exclamation points (!) always convey that "I'm really angry and want to rant without giving any kind of detail" message across much more than 5. Just a thought.


I hate idiots like you who don't even post the name of the company or individual they are complaining about!! Idiots!


How about, ummm, maybe, who knows, POSTING THE FREAKING COMPANY NAME???!!!

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