This website is a scam. They will actually send you a product but it's not really what it's supposed to be.

They claim to sale JWH and WIN but it's BS. No analgesic affects whatsoever. I tried to email the company about them being bogus and they completely ignored my email. Well, actually they where trying to email someone else to ask them if they should respond to me and they accidentally emailed me!

Morons...long story short. Don't waste your money on this product. This website is a complete scam.

Seems like this would be illegal but with a product like JWH there's really no way to prove it's fake i guess...unless you had a judge smoke it...lol. This Company is FAIL!

Monetary Loss: $250.

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wow it's been a while since i've seen this. They did eventually mail me a refund.

And how did I know it was a sh**y product? Because I order lots of rcs and have tried different sites. The jwh 250 i recieved from them had to have been cut with something because it had a glue like texture when combined with a solvent. The Euphoric effects where very mild when freebased also and it didn't taste right...idk, like some1 said maybe they got a bad batch or something but that sh*t i got sucked.

But since then I've moved on from selling incense to 2ce, much more profitable. GOOD DAY!


they are gone. I think the last cpl orders were resold Chinese rc's.

Their quality used to be top notch.

I use to get a batch analysis sheet with every order which covered my legal status. They stopped doing the analysis sheets, then they disappeared overnight.


Guy I feel that you have no clue what u are talking about. This company by far has been very recommended by many people, after tried the products from MI I felt the same way do a lil' more research about your product purchased, before you slander a perfect reputation. You are not using the product properly, keep experimenting.


You aren't presenting much evidence against them. How do you know it wasn't what "it was supposed to be"?

Did you do a chemical analysis? I've dealt with this company for over a year. I buy at least two grams of something every week and I don't have one bad word to say about them. Not one.

I don't blame them for not responding to every email sent by some under-informed customer asking questions they should find the answers to on their own. If you make more than a one-time, single-gram purchase you would know that this is the best rc website around.


You contacted an RC site and told them their product was ineffective? You are lucky you got a reply and very lucky they have offered a refund.


i wouldnt send them a money order though ... the web site says their from Los Angels ... and is a bull *** address while the product ships from gainsville, fl i seen it on thefed ex package


yeah ive ordered fromn them to. 3 times.

thefirsttime it was a day late, then they were on time after that. ive had jwh-250 and am 2201. Both worked better than even pot. anyways i spend around $200 a month on them and 2 days later its here ...

the 8 grams at 21$ a gram last me about 5 days. anyways i only have great things to say about them...



this website is total BS. i mailed them a money order like 2 weeks ago and ive gotten nothing in the mail.

i called them and they forwarded me to a voicemail that doesnt exist.

just another internet scam. avoid them like the plague .


What a joke. This must be their competition that posted this because I spent $3500 with them last year and found them to be the best on the market.

One bad experience and some *** puts a post like this and scares a lot of potential customers without merit. I am 100% satisfied with their products(all of them).

I have never had an issue with quality. The only issue I have ever had is inconsistent shipping policies.


i ordered am2201 from them last week, it was fake!! they r scammers, will not answer my emails either.


Well, they eventually offered me a refund...it's been a month and I still have't received it.


It's unfortunate you had a bad experience with this company because I have been dealing with them for a couple months now and have only the best things to say. The products work great and the customer service team is exceptional! I recommend them to anyone and everyone looking for research chemicals.

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