The website www.interwebdrama.com is in my opinion breaking their own ToS, harassing and blackmailing people, and conducting other illegal activities such as posting child ***.This website is administered by the owner of www.kevinbollaert.com who presumably using his legitimate online web services to help fund this website.

There are several other people involved including the site actual site owner and another friend of Kevin Bollaert. However, it would take no time to find out through messages sent by the three people operating the site that Kevin Bollaert mostly likely transferred ownership from himself to another people in order to protect his own "legitimate" business.

I find the immorality of all of this quite appalling, and which for the general public to see the true side of these people.


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Might I add as well you still have yet to figure out my real name or address. I really do hope you enjoy looking like an ***


midlands tech grades for that matter..


:cry :cry :( :cry :( :cry :( :( :cry


Someone is mad, just click "next" at the bottom of the screen to see legitimate posts.


It's funny.They get sued and they start posting stuff like "We have a zero tolerance policy against child ***.

Anyone who submits underage content will be prosecuted." and say they track everything. However, their advertisement says "submit nudes anonymously". Kind of contradicting there, but regardless to all of that how can they say they have "a zero tolerance policy against child ***" when they refused to removed 4 separate instances of child ***.

Looks like they are playing the whole game of oh no were getting sued lets try and cover our *** by putting up a bunch of lies.Yeah, enjoy having all your money taken from you.


It sounds like a big case of denial to me.Everyone knows Eric Chanson has the stuff in his name so it won't come back to Kevin Bollaert.

Eric can claim ownership all he wants be we all know that Kevin Bollaert does half the work and on top of all of this he created the website with full knowledge of what he was doing. You don't need a private investigator nor the police to follow them around to gather any information on them.

They pretty much just hand it out to everyone.I guess they just think they are unstoppable, but they will learn in time.


Eric chanson owns the websites not Kevin. Figure it out guize...


Yeah, it's kind of hard to say Kevin Bollaert isn't apart of this website when he goes around saying who he has posted and what not.


kevin bollaert is not the owner or operator of these websites.


has anyone reported this *** to the authorities ???

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