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i was told i had to pay 3000 dollars for tampering with my meter or my lights will be cut off but the problem is i didnt tamper with my meter first they told me it was becouse no access that was the reason why then it changed to tampering with the meter but theres no way thay say it happend in 2010 but thats when they put the smart meters in i dont know if it was instaled wrong or malfuntioned but whatever the case all they said to me was the teck said it looked like tampering so thats what it is but in the mean while im just stuck out and no matter who you talk to its like thay cant be wrong when in *** they realy are but theres no way to proove it i ask then to send me the bills from 210 to now but i got the runaround i asked until we can straiten this out can i be put on a payment plan and they said no if you dont pay 3000 dollars were cuting off your service wow that shows me as a long term custermer you all dont give a *** about us and thats wrong and heartless i hope someone with the athority to investigate this matter reads this!

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Sounds like you need to talk to an atty ,possibly start shaking the tree in state/federal government agencies-If need be talk to your congressman-What is happening to you is BS..

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