I ordered a sofa online from their website but I was unsure of which side the wedge should be. So i went directly to the store and asked them to confirm which side I wanted the wedge.

I told them repeatedly that i want it on the left of me when i look at it. They did some paper works and gave me a solid answer that what i wanted was a left wedge. Seeing how i was talking to the manager of the store i was sure it was right. I even showed them picture of what i wanted to be sure.

And so they helped me order my left wedge pearce 4 piece sofa. My order came in today and I was stunned that i was not what i wanted. Even after confirming with the manager the sofa i ordered was opposite of what i wanted and opposite of what they had asured me. It turns out the sofa i was suppose to get was a left wedge.

I was angered at how bad their customer service and communication is.

As result my sofa is being cut off of the entire house because it is turning the wrong direction.

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