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You have been continueing to call my number in hopes of reaching a David Beaster. He no longer works for me and I have not been in touch with him for over a year.

Please remove my phone number from your list. And maybe teach your collectors not to hang up on people. If I recieve any further calls from your company I will be filling harassment charges. The lack of manners on the phone by your reps is outrageous.

If you have the wrong number then you have the wrong number. Yelling at someone who has told you close to 50 times I don't know where they are isn't helping ***.

I am sick of the calls. Check the number with sprint and who it belongs to if you have a problem and have trouble believing what is being told to you idiots!

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Dewitt, Michigan, United States #233130

Great post! Could you please include your phone number so that we can all call you and harass you?

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