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drive a 3500 dodge diseal, asked for a fuel filter, put on filter had to be towed to garage, gasket blew out and filter would no release from cup, stuck in bottom of cup, got filter out , had to blow out injectors. went back an told clerk, his comment was i dont care.

the book is never wrong. the filter turned to be the wrong size and the rubber gasket was too big for the filter cap. took the cap and filter back to show the clerk.

his words are not worth repeating. this happen in plant city, fl...5/26/12 no refund was offered for the wrong part or even given i'm sorry.

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I would like to know why you did not check to make sure it was the correct part as i my self double check to make sure that i am installing the wright part the other problem is the parts shop counter person who should of doubled check as well,

so before you say it yes i do know what i am talking about the sad thing is these parts houses employees do not care or take pride in what they do so i my self do not trust store like this cause the mom&pop ones were more hands on and knew your name.

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