I took my Honda Accord in for an engine check light that came on.The mechanic hooked it up to the diagnostic machine and told me that it was the catalistic converter that needed to be changed.He told me to go back to the dealer because he did not want to touch it since it might still be under warranty.I had to pay $97 for the diagnostic and it did not even take him one minute to tell me an incorrect diagnosis. When I took it back to the dealer, Honda told me that it was not the catalistic converter and just the oxigen sensors needed to be changed.

I should not have been charged the $97 by your mechanic since he did not want to touch the car and gave me the wrong diagnosis. No one else charges for a diagnostic test especailly if they do not want to fix the car.

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You mean catalytic converter, and only a shop that doesn't want to make money doesn't charge for diagnostics.........Your right $97.00 is not cheap, but they did what you wanted, to know why that light was on.....and the cat and o2 sensors are all part of the same system, could have been a problem with either of them, that's why shops geta bad rep, cause your assuming you know whats going on!


Which dealer did you bring it your car to?

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