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I purchased Wren last month and I was not pleased with the results. It did not do what it promised.

I did not notice a difference after my first washing (like promised) or after my 20th washing. I was talking with a friend and told her about my dissapointment with Wren, she recommended "Simply U" (Sulfate & Paraben Free) shampoo and conditioner (in my case, for color treated hair). I tried it and liked the results much better than what Wren did or should I say didn't do to my hair. I noticed a difference using "Simply U" by the second washing.

I would recommend trying "Simply U". You can find it at Walmart at a more reasonable price.

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Hi dear,

I am alittle confused, are You talking about WEN by Chaz Dean? Or is there another system like it called Wren?

I use Wen and I LOVE IT!!

It has actually helped my hair totally transform into healthy beautiful locks and its growing fast again!! I purchase the WEN from QVC and they have excellent customer service.

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