Sorry if you bought this product, lol, what an obvious scam. just saw infomercial, ridiculous.

Yeah some real life testimonials that were'nt amazing and all the before pic's were forward shoulder hunches & after pic's were shoulders back chin up & still not impressive shots....but the cherry was the 3-4 models they used to sell it that couldn't even fill it; it was like they were wearing slightly over-sized tanked tops. lmao.. I'd def be firing those marketers ;)....well, this is my first time doing this so I just found out 100 word minimum...lmao again!

long story short; you buy it or bought it you got suckered. (that should meet the 100 word minimum) lmao, again & again.

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There you go sunshine.

Christmas Ape

Perhaps instead of padding out your complaint with tired phrases and meaningless tautologies, you might at some point use some of the 100 words to EXPLAIN WHAT IT IS YOU'RE F'ING TALKING ABOUT.

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