The pharmacist believes he is more intelagent than my doctor. He only filled half of my meds He said because my doctor wrote that I should take one pill per dose that it ment that I should take only one pill per day.

I have had other prescritions that said I should take two pills per dose four doses a day. by his calculations I should only get two pills per day What would happen to my infection would or could I die. We have tried to use this store for acouple of years but they continue to disappoint us. I have used cvs in the past and they never gave me any kind of problems.

So if you ask me I would not use them unless you like turmoil in your life! So the most important thing to remember is just beware and don't let these guys feed you a bunch of B*llsh*t.

We have rights too. And before I forget, be sure to count your pills and keep track of them

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