I purchased a complete bedroom set from the Dezavla store in San Antonio Tx on March of 2010. About three weeks ago in the middle of the night my bed fell apart.

when i purchased the bedroom set i called the roomstore and notified them that the wood for the headboard and the foot rest had some splits on it . Well the roomstore send out a service tech, it was about three weeks before they had a chance to get to me . Meanwhile we were sleeping on the box spring and mattress. The service tech said it was just cosmetic.

Cosmetic what about now. Well the second time was on 2/19/2011 and the service tech did not say a thing, he just took two pictures and left. Today i called the Roomstore and asked them for an update, it turns out that they will not replace my headboard. Should i just stop paying for it?

Is the roomstore going to continue to sell defective merchandise? Help me out so i can continue to be your costumer.

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thank you . you are right i will go to the store today and talk to the manager.


If they're treating you like this, why would you want to continue to be their customer. You should go to the store where you purchased it and ask for the manager and if he doesnt comply, then write them a letter,pics included of your headboard.

say that you will not pay them until you are satisfied. and add that your lawyer will proceed with charges of neglet to consumer if its not resolved within 2 weeks.

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