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My husband and I (of 30 years) want to cancel this long distance service and unless HE calls...they will not let us cancel. Seriously people?

This is ridiculous!!! It took me 15 minutes of internet searching just to find a phone number that would actually connect me to this company....most of the numbers (including the one on my current bill) are numbers that are disconnected. It's no wonder that you have so many complaints and legal issues!!!

AND....this complaint box just proved my point...UNLESS you type 100 words in to the box....it will not accept your complaint. Var-Tec = FAIL

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Well its like this if you are not on the contract companies will not talk to you unless your spouse give them permission stating other wise yes it's a pain in the butt. and since that hip a law went into effect as other laws that are out there to protect all of us from people who commit crimes that can destroy someone life in so many way's.

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