This is not a 5 stars resort.

The room was on HORRABLE condition: its smells disgusting, the floor was dirty, the towels and sheets were all full of stain spots and even with lipstick marks. A floor ceramic was broken; which is a BIG hazard, especially when traveling with little kids. I personally went to the reception with the dirty towels and aware the personal about the situation., but nothing happen.

No good service was provided, specially at the bohio, pool area and theatro no one ask you: what do you want to drink?; or if we need anything. In one occasion I had to ask 3 waitress for a spoon !!!!, they all send me to ask another waitress, like it was a game. All the guests were by they own; everybody have to reach for their own basic things like a spoon, napkins or a beverage.

The animation was great Capuchino, Gigi and Duracel were very friendly and went above and beyond to plains all guests. The live music band was very good too. The only good things about the hotel!

ON the Mniclub they scolded and threatened kids in front of me. except Shakira a very good person.

A lost of local people wearing the wristband paste with a piece of tape, or even without the wristband, but since it was not security around the pool, they were free to do wherever they want to. They were at the pool with the cloth on and they even took my pool towels, that were place on a chair with my personal things.

The only good service that we received during the whole vacation was at the Lobby bar with Mr. Eddy (Bar Manager), Efrain, William and Tony. Elvis at the lobby. We also received excellent service from Mr. Santos during breakfast and dinner time at the restaurant buffet. The rest of the services were worst than horrible.

The quality of the hotel it was not a 5 stars. The room are dirty, the condition of the sheets and towels are horrables, services is not good at all, entreteiment during te day is good but short, the food was ok and we even got sick with fungus and bed bugs, and the "lady" at the medical center did not see us, becuase they do not accept American insurance. This insurance was sold to us by the travel agent.

We do not recomend the hotel and we will never go back. DO WAITS YOUR MONEY and time ON THIS HOTEL !!!

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