I was recently hired at the store in Lilburn. (#402).

I'm an accountant with over 25 years experience. I have been out of a job for quite a while. A friend recommended me but warned me about the manager. After applying I kept calling only to find out that my drug test came back positive so he sent it to corporate to review, he assumed it was bad.

He was going to just sit back and wait; I called corporate. A copy of a prescription was all they needed. This didn't go over well with him. I worked in the freezer department for $9/hour.

My last contract was $40/hour; but I needed work.

I tried to follow directions however one manager's instructions did not agree with the other manager's. They expected someone to step in and take over this position after the person before had been there for 15+ years; he passed away so the position opened up. Customers told me the cases looked good. They liked me because I always went out of my way to help them.

The employees of the store liked me and I got along well with them. After about 30 days the manager called me to the side and side and said he couldn't use me anymore. I was slow and you know when you reach around 45 you slow down. I might add the average age of employees at this store is probably late fifties; I'm 51.

Now the cases look awful, they are barely stocked and my wife doesn't even want to go there.

I've written a letter to the CEO and CFO and Ernst and Young their outside auditors explaining the weak internal controls at the store and the flagrant personnel mistakes. I hope they fry in ***.

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