Sept 3rd, called to cancel my phone service and was told the cancellation would be taken care of by October 3rd after one month notice. Everything seems fine until I found out accidentally that the primus phone number was still in use because someone called my old phone number and got transferred to my cell phone.

I immediately notified the customer service department and the nightmare began. I receive two to three emails everyday from difference service rep. Some making accusation of my not following up and not porting out my old phone number hence they didn't know "what I would do without the old phone number" (god knows how lame this excuse is); some making outright accusation that I was "evidently" aware of my phone number was still active because I still got it transferred to my cell phone, hence I must have intentionally taken a free ride with Primus (HA! a one week free ride!

For God's sake, I sent them the first email telling them there was a mistake!!); ONE PERSON sent me an email using paragraphs of CAPITAL LETTERS telling me it was my fault and cancellation charge will apply. CAPITAL LETTERS throughout the email. Can you imagine this company hires people who YELL at their customers in email????!!!!! WHAT KIND OF COMPANY IS THIS????!!!!

To date, October 22nd, I'm still in fighting with them.

I will not give up, I have their initial confirmation email and all the rude emails later on.

If necessary, I'll bring them to court if that's what it takes. I am not paying the October bill after October 3rd, and I am not paying the *** cancellation fee.

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