FYI, first time I have ever complained in a public forum

Worst customer service I have come across in YEARS! It makes me think that the company is a scam and that I'm that I'm out $75.00. I'm hoping that I didn;t complete the order so that I don't have to deal with that company ever again..

I called 11 times in a row at 4:07pm - 4:25pm eastern standard time trying to get someone to talk to me for 1 full sentence. It took 18 mins of continuous calling to get someone to tell me in a clear way that they could not help me (which was oblivious long before then) .

- I first called and chose the "check order" option which said that you were open until 5:00 eastern standard time, so called back again to make sure because it was only a little after 4:00pm.

- I called back, chose customer service, same recording.

- I then called and chose the new orders option to talk to someone, but the person I talked to wouldn't let me finish my sentence after she heard the I had already ordered, she cut me off by transferring me to the same recording.

- I then called back to new orders and said that I need to speak to a manager, I was sent yet again (without a word) to the same recording.

At this point I have no reason to believe that I will ever see the robot that my son has asked every santa for nor my money.

- I then called back to new orders to speak to someone but she must have recognized my number by then because someone picked up and without saying a word/greeting, transferred me to the same voice mail recording!

- After that I was determined to get a full sentence out and called back (always new orders), but no one would answer. It would keep ringing until the recording came back on and I kept choosing new orders trying to talk to someone.

- This went on for about 15 mins. and since I had an hour drive home, I just kept calling back and hoped that the incessant ringing would force someone to talk to me for at least 60 seconds.

- After almost 20 mins I spoke to someone who could only say that "he", the person who deals with order status, left early. This did not increase my confidence.

My hope in calling was that someone would go slightly above their reqired tasks and look up my order or give me SOME form of confidence that I had not been taken for my credit card number...They did not.

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