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Buds RV, Cascade Distributing

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These people sit and wait for people with bad credit to find them. I would guess that most of the people that buy from them are using their trailers to live in. They make it "possible" for those without good enough credit to ask them for in-house financing. They are honest about the prices, but NOT honest about the trailers themselves. They obviously buy these at auctions for pennies and then get them in the lot and double the price and sell them. Hey, it's business, I understand about making a profit. They're service department consists of a guy who walks through the trailer and says, "yup. all is well". They just place new carpet over bad spots and call it good.

Now Lisa? She's another story all together. I will never ever understand how one person can be so mean and get pleasure out of talking "down" to people. She humiliates them and makes them feel less than adequate. She gets into the business of their customers in issues not even related to the sale of the r.v. and then feels like the customer owes her the "right" to listen to her nonsense. There is no reason for her to ask certain questions and give "advice". She provides a product and a service, not a counseling center with *** advice. Rude, obnoxious and mean are three words that define her. I have a feeling she'd be proud of those words.

Bud? He's just deaf and old. I'm sure he was not the most pleasant person in his younger days.

Pretty Boy Dave? Pretty boy who can't hold a modeling job long enough to make ends meet. Search for him on the internet and you will see that he appeared in the news as one of the ones who made a claim against the Seattle police "beating" him. It's public information. His case was dismissed. Hey Dave, if you hang out with the wrong crowd in the wrong places and at the wrong time, you're gonna get hurt. That little stint on Komo News will do NOTHING for your modeling career. You just stabbed yourself in the foot. But hey, you got some air time. LOL.

In conclusion - this place is a predator who lays and waits for their next victim. They don't go out to find them. The people will come to them because they offer in-house financing. While I agree they need to protect their assets, they are really the rudest, meanest, and ugliest people in business.

Make your payments and I bet they'd leave you alone, but you better cover your tracks when you do and be able to prove every penny you pay them. Buyer Beware.

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