On the first delivery to my house, which was 30 minutres past the time frame, two out of five bedroom pieces were damaged. So we had a second delivery scheduled a weeks later.

On this delivery they brought back the same damaged item and didn;t even have the second item on the truck. On the third delivery they brought back just one of the items. Customer service keeps telling me my items are to be special inspected before they get on the truck. Meanwhile my items weren't even on the truck 2 out of 3 deliveries.

The delivery men took his phone out of my hands while I was on the phone with customer service on the 2nd delivery and told me he had to go. I was told I would get a gift card. I asked what I am going to do with a gift card and the lady on the phone told me they have nice lamps. Never buy from them.

You save money but the headache you get instead is not worth it.

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