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to start off they were 2 days late shipping the product from NY. to AZ.

when the freight finally arrived to the location one pallet was completely damaged and the other one was in ok shape for the customer to take. now it took the pallet that was refused about 2 weeks to make it back to NY and when the driver came to drop it off they had the wrong pallet for me and there driver said well this is for you so you have to take it. when i called there dispatch they didn't care where my pallet was just if i took the pallet that wasn't mine off the truck.

finale 1 week after that i received my damaged pallet and it looked like s*** and filled a claim for the film and before i even got a letter in the mail for the acknowledgement of the claim i already received a decline on the claim. JUST DONT USE !!!!!!!!!

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OK...I won't use ??? Guess I'll have to wait until you learn how to post a complaint.

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