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Not even 30 days late on loan and they are calling friends of friends. Total stalking and total harrasment.

They are by far the worse company in the world to deal with. Should be a law against their harrasment and stalking procedures. They continue to make threatening phone calls 4 to 6 times a day saying they are coming to take my car. There should be something that can be done to prevent them from their harrassing, demanding, threatening, assuming and totally b/s phone calls.

They will as well try to get you to answer their calls from an "unrestricted" phone number.

Watch out for their threatening emails as well. Again, not even 30 days late and they are threatening!

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There should be a law about not paying your bills on time. Oh wait there is.

Seriously grow up and pay your bills on time and you won't be harassed and stalked. Now at least all your friends and family know that if you need to borrow money not to lend to you because you won't pay back on time.

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