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Government Studies as well as Local and State News Reports are confirming what we have already known. Defrauding Internet and Mail Soliciting Companies are on the rise.

Thousands of people are defrauded every day as they are skillfully separated from their earnings, entitlements and savings.

Many of us decide to do nothing and charge it to poor judgment.

This Website has been designed to provide a proactive alternative for Victims of Consumer Fraud.

Share the empowering capacity of this Website with others and list the URL in your next Publication.

Make a comment and expose alleged defrauding companies

View, share and compare comments made Nationwide.

You have the Power to make a Change.

Together we can make a Difference

Please go to: www.defraudreportingupdate.com

Charles L. Claybrooks, Website Designer / Owner

P.O. Box 578

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53203

E-mail Address: mrcbusinessventures@yahoo.com

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