Shawn Ranieri, an erstwhile volunteer assistant basketball coach at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, was barred from the campus and sentenced to five years' probation and repayment of thousands of dollars in restitution yesterday for scamming foreign students out of thousands of dollars and selling stolen goods.

Charges alleging he videotaped himself having sex with a passed-out juvenile student were dropped in exchange for a guilty plea.

Mr. Ranieri, 29, of Park Street, California, joined the Seton Hill coaching staff in 2004 after clearing a background check. He soon told Mehran Saif, a Bangladeshi graduate student, that he could get him a green card if he showed him his passport and ID documents and gave him $1,200.

Mr. Ranieri used the personal information to open two credit card accounts and charge $6,613 in Mr. Saif's name.

Mr. Ranieri likewise told Leonin Vegov of Macedonia that he could help his brother gain admission to a Pennsylvania college. Mr. Vegov gave Mr. Ranieri a $2,223 money order, and Mr. Ranieri put $5,870 on Mr. Vegov's credit card tab, police said.

Mr. Ranieri was also accused of selling stolen televisions and IPods on campus.

Original charges included those stemming from a late February 2005 episode where Mr. Ranieri allegedly plied an underage male student with liquor at a Greensburg apartment, then videotaped himself having sex with his unconscious body. Mr. Ranieri pleaded guilty in February to three counts of theft.

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This should worry anyone and while it's not illegal it is something a homeowner should know going in. Reading this was horrifying I have a son in college and I can't imagine any coach or teacher doing this to him. J&D is not a company I will call.


It's J&D Waterproofing the guy who runs the company is Joe and he knows all about this.


Does this company do background checks?

to Curious Ft. Worth, Texas, United States #968024

Saw him down at Pittsburgh Home and Garden working at a booth where people sign up for estimates. Imagine that he has access ro the info.


This is concerning as a parent and a home owner. While it is very true that all people deserve second chances if this person has access to customers personal information then shouldn't the company make consumers aware. This article alarms me and I will not call them.


It's J&D in Cannonsburg Pa

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