i have repair my mobile phone samsung omnia II, 10 March 2011, and 14 March 2011 samsung office call me and say my mobile phone have finish to repair. I come, I show, there is no change from previously. not good. customer service in samsung office denpasar bali jl. mahendradatta 99x phone (0361)484788, fax (0361)490222 say "samsung omnia II just like that". samsung is big promote, but can't to good repair. for what promote in the world if never can improve repair damage?

how my mobile phone omnia II 8Gb? my mobile phone samsung omnia II on LCD (screen), if I have receive number coming I don't see number in LCD (screen blurry in day time)but in the dark screen LCD is contrast (bold).

So that, what must to do with your product? you sell or promote again samsung omnia II? or my mobile phone samsung omnia II I have to throw away in garbage crate?

Thank you very much, I hope samsung more good service for customer

Nyoman Winata


Phone : 0811385766

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