On Dec 4, 2004, myself, wife, and 91 year old mother- in- law flew from Springfield Mo. To Mesa, Az.

Our Son that lives in the area in Arizona purchased our tickets on 10/13/2014. When we arrived in Springfield, Mo. On Dec. 4,2014, I checked in at the ticket counter about an hour and a half earlier than our flight was to leave.

I had 2 checked bags. I told the rep the other bag was my carry on. Nothing was said about that at that time. We proceeded to our gate to wait.

The plane we were to board did not arrive on time. When we went to board, we were in zone # 2, when they called our zone to board, we started walking towards the gate. When we got right next to the agent collecting boarding passes, a gentleman standing off to the side said to me, we are boarding zone 2 only at this time. I then showed my boarding pass to him and he responded, zone 2 passengers do not have carry on luggage.

Since I did not book this flight, I had no idea what he was saying to me. He then told me to go stand at the podium and he would be with me later? I did not know what that meant either. After about 50 more passengers boarded, the guy walked over tho the podium, to take care of an issue with a police officer or Tsa agent.

The after talking to another passenger about going hunting on his land while they were out of town says, oh, I am sorry I have not gotten back with you. He then told me that I could not take my carry on on board without me paying for it. He then asked if he should charge the credit card on file, and I told him No, that was my sons credit card. As I was handing him my credit card, I asked how much the charge was, and never responded, but answered another question asked by someone else.

I asked again with no answer, as I looked around, everyone had already boarded the plane. He then told me that about a year ago Allegient realized that the overhead bin was Prime space and charge for the use of it. After returning home on Thursday, Dec. 11th, I checked our bank statement, only to find out that, the small carry on cost $100.00.

I felt that I should have been told about this at the ticket counter. Oh, and by the way, the same young lady that checked us in at the ticket counter, was one of the agents taking boarding passes at the gate. I feel that myself, my wife, and mother in law were treated as some kind of criminals by being pulled out of line and told to move over to the counter to let other passengers board. I also feel that $50.00 each way for a small carry on bag is very high, and as for the "Prime Space" I don't get that either.

My bag would have fit under the seat in front of me very easily., with room to spare. I would like for someone to call me so we can discuss this further in detail. My name is Tom Seibel, I can be reached @ (573) 424-3474. Our original confirmation number was L711003.

Thank You, and I am looking forward to talking to you in the very near future. Thanks, Tom Seibel

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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