I went to get the day old bread which cost $.49 cents and they want to tax me for two bread which equal .$98 cents. so I told them to take that bread and shove it.

I will not pay extra for anything let alone day old bread. they lost me as a customer. I doubt I will ever go to this dumb establishment ever again. the damm music was so loud I could not even hear anything.

Even if it was a couple of pennies i refuse to give it for day old bread. If not eating will be garbage.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Marion, Iowa, United States #817874

I'm sure they will be closing their doors soon without that 98 cents to help them pay the government mandated taxes they are also required to pay. :zzz


So the store still has to pay a percentage of sales tax for every item that they sell. Where do you think they get that percentage to pay to the state?

You must be living in Never, Never Land if you think you shouldn't pay a couple cents sales tax.

After all that tax does benefit you in some way or another. Grow up!

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