I am currently using Naida bte hearing aids, I wear 2 of them. I am hard of hearing and I was born with hearing loss in both ears.

Many years I have wore bte 1 hearing aid and my parents spent a lot of money back in early 70's-80's. Sometime it lasts 3-5 yrs depends on the brand they used.

They have told me the health insurance don't pay these hearing aids at all. The only thing they pay for hearing exam.I am an adult, I have been paying these hearing aids it ranges $800-$3,400.

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For Irish-100 words. My parents did complain, we didn't come from a silver spoon.

My father didn't want to have another child,he was afraid to have a deaf child. It would cost him a fortune. A little girl went swimming and put her hearing aids in the locker when she came back it was gone. Her mother can't pay $3000 out of pocket.

Health Insurance doesn't pay replacements. They only pay hearing,eye,and oral exams. My main concerns are for the DEAF,Hard of Hearing, and Senior Citzen.

Tell me to grow up. You do not know what's like.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #198411

Your parents paid when you were a child. I bet they never complained and you complain once you are out of their house.

Seriously grow up. Health Insurance does not cover everything.

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