i am jont1966. i am tired of the guys getting Julius of me, they start on me then wen i get mad i get booted, i have done b/k wen they start.

it's like if you don't kik them , they kik you?

they steel the good lookin girls, or get mad wen i talk to then.they get me mad , the wimon think i am the bad guy.i was in today, at nite i was not letting thim get to me, and that was wen i got booted, i was holding bk, and i got booted........ watz up wit datt?

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Wow. I have to agree with Sessa. :?


WHAT THE *** ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT? No one can understand what your complaint is! Here's my advice, go back to school, you desperately need it.

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