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i was having trouble getting accepted, guess my checking account was not what you was after!Now I used my card and updated and i still can not send e-mails to ladies who have interest in me!

can you tell me why! i have alot of ladies sendind me messages and i can not contact them cuz your system or whatever wont let me! if i cant e-mail i will cancel my card when they call to verify and we will bth lose! please explain what i need to do or if i did something wrong.

please reply asap !thank you!

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Litton is a joke.We did very thing we could, to save our home.

We keep on getting the run around, and no one can help us. They say they will, but no. We have taken on a Lawry, and we are going to take litton to curt, we hope this will work, because somebody need to stop all this f`*?/ around :( . 6 Mo.

ago they(litton) gave us a Mod. We did two payments, send all the paper work again to them, as they have all of our info may times over. After two payments, someone came to our door and said, `that litton sold our home.` We called litton up, and they said they did not sell it. But after hours talking and calling them on the phone.

We did stop them from selling our home. Our Lawry helped us. They (litton) send us a new Mod, but it is the same one they gave us last time. We ask them, if they are willing to sign thier Mod, They said ( we do not do that)??????

do not do that? Way do banks work this way?If you think you need help, our Lawry might be able to help. He his with us. We are still in our home and may be here for a long time.

We the people(home ours) need to stop all this, so lets work together, and we may do that.

Contact us, and pray for us.thanks

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