Yes last week I bought six baby chicks I had one of them died on me so I went to replace him and I was going to get an extra one which was to the lady said sorry but we can only sell six at a time I'm like I don't *** I just want to replace the one that died and get an extra one I'm sorry sir we can't do that you know it's still all the same money I mean it really doesn't make any sense to me why there would be a rule like that you know people that go in there or Farmers they have a reason for everything that they're wanting to do I'm not saying they're all Farmers but I happen to be I used to be a full-time farmer I just don't understand and if I wanted 12 chickens out about 12 last week but I didn't want to go buy one at 6 I already got a couple at the house I know this sounds trivia but it don't make no difference when a person goes to a store to purchase something there shouldn't be a limit on how many you got to buy

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