Well if he or she can pay her bill, then he or she would not be on here venting out. And to those that are like, pay the bills, deadbeat; well smart people, sometimes we make wrong choices or certain things comes up so thing s get out of hand.

If you are so pure, cast the first stone. People are so ***, no wonder why America is losing to all foreign countries, because we shoot each other down and we don't help our own.

I pray for you. We should really try to bring our country up ya'll.

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I agree! Sometimes "things" happen and you can pay bills on time, in full, etc.

but something goes wrong. This site if for people to tell their story and warn others if necessary. This shouldn't be a bashing site but sure enough, there are idiots here who proof read, want to knit pick a post to death and spout off their assinine opinion. This site is meant to help others, not create more stress.

People like nunya are WRONG.

Yes, you should be accountable for YOUR decisions but sometimes someone else screws up the deal.

Nunya is the reason for the true demise of this great country. They want to judge others because in real life...they are wusses and wouldn't dare stand up for anything.


we are held accountable for our decisions. Ignorance is not bliss!

nor should it give youan excuse.

Suck it up and learn that crying about it will give you an entitlement that you do not deserve. People like you are the true demise of this great country build on integrity.

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