This site is totally biased and twisted. You base your information solely on "price" over and over again, without looking at the reality of Hearing Loss and hearing aids.

You call yourself a hearing professional? I think YOU are the one who should be investigated here. Not everyone in this industry operates the way you claim. Also, there are hearing instruments in the advanced category that cost far more than $1,ooo each.

You probably never experienced these technologies because it sounds like your behind the technology curve. To provide long-term care in this industry is costly, nothing is free. Your so called "bundling" is rediculous. When there is a problem who are they going to call?

Not you, because you just take their money and run. Knowledge is everything, and time is money. A true professional gets paid for their services, and knowledge. Not all hearing aids are created equal, and that's a fact.

I suggest you spend more time reading up on technologies, and less time discouraging the public from getting the real help they need by writing these ridiculous entries. Hearing Loss is no joke, and proper fitting and dispensing techniques are crucial to the users success. Understanding the psychology of the hearing impaired is the most important thing, not COST.

You obviously don't get that part. I'd never go to your outfit for my hearing health care needs that's for sure!

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I do not understand the negative comments about David Thorpe.. I am a hearing aid wearer (not purchased from Mr.

Thorpe) and he has given me extremely valuable and free advice with no mention of his connection to any sales of products.

I agree the industry is flooded with questionable sales practices and uninformed practitioners but in my experience they have often been the audiologists and the companies involved in clearly oligopolist practices. All you have to do is read their own internal memos and "professional" publications.

3 Putt

I suspect that Alsip has wayyyyyyyy too much time on her hands.


Dear Colleague,

I am a hearing aid professional based in Piraeus, Greece. Reading all the entries by this ''Alsip Magistrate'' has infuriated me.

Is it a single person, hearing aid practice or organization? For sure the articles contain indirect advertisement and influential tactics to divert a very sensitive category of consumers, the hearing impaired, from seeking care from serious professionals. Since the Alsip Magistrates' interest is clearly commercial and there is a contact number involved, consumers please beware in these hard times for goldiggers.

Insist on reputable hearing professionals from your area, and ofcourse your ENT referral for such a practice. This is the best guarantee.

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