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your order by going to

Date Tue Jul 12 09:56:33 EDT 2011

Ship to serap duygu ergun

yasar holding a.s

sehit fethi bey cad alsancak

izmir ege 35210

TR Turkey


Field-9 no

Bill to ali erden asik

5076 sokak no 4/1 ilica cesme

izmir ege 35930

TR Turkey



E-Mail (emailed)

ReceiveEmails yes

Via FedEx International Priority

Payment Visa

Name Code Qty Each Options


Shimano JLC200 200g/7oz SHM-1220-11 1 17.99 Color = Sunset Crab

Lucanus Jig Lures

Braid 228 Sea Fox Jig BRD-0122-5 1 20.99 Color = 41 Orange Mackerel

Shimano JLCHM Lucanus Jig SHM-1222 2 5.99

Replacement Hooks 2 pack

Shimano EVASH-HK Marine / SHM-1400-4 1 49.99 Size = 11

Fishing Shoe Khaki/Black

Subtotal 100.95

Shipping 46.15

Tax 0.00

Total 147.10

Tracking no.: 486083268450 my order now at tunapuna why?..i pay 47$ for international priority but dont give service ..i think tackle direct take much money but send with economy ..please interest to matter..same day i order from cabelas they send with ups its arrive now and pay same money ..what is the different..who is the offender*tackle direct or you?

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This was a fedex issue, the label always said Turkey. They confirmed that.

It is on its way to you now and I credited you $20 of the $47 for the inconvenience. Thank you.

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