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last year when I went to Jackson Hewitt to file my taxes and one of my children had been claimed by somebody else. The lady their told me that there was nothing that she could do.

I thought that was a crime! So am I supposed to just let someone claim my child every year? What can I do? Can someone please get back to me and let me know because I will be filing my taxes soon and I dont want any problems because if it happens again I will take it to the next level.

She tried to tell me that it happened to her and she had to wait 6 months. So how come she could fix hers but their was nothing that she could do for me.

I just need some advice. Thank you, Nichole

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Bourbonnais, Illinois, United States #236895

You do have a crime (fraud) and they also lied to you. Those places only do bare min work.

Best bet is to find a person accountant.

I did that and ended getting ALOT more back, sure it doesn't cost $74-$139 or whatever they charge, but you get better, more personal service. and again MORE money

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