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I was called out of nowhere about my 4 yr old son being wonderful and special. the amount of organizing my family had to do just to get down there was atrocious. we all pulled together to upkeep what they told me over the phone. My son is talented ( he plays drums) he is absolutely beautiful and has a wonderful personality, only to get there any the obviously *** fellow taking pictures said to me " Are you sure you can keep him under control?" when he ( my son ) was just waiting for his picture to be taken. ( that guy was a total *** ) only to listen to some anorexic *** tell me I have to pay almost $500 to hopefully get in to some B.S. commercial... whatever ... I still dont understand what the *** these people are still in business. Any way F*%$ these guys dont waste your time or money.

god bless

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And we have no idea who you are complaining about. Let's hope your son grows up with the intelligence that is obviously lacking in you.

Oh yeah ... god F*%$ bless.

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