wish i had seen ur site before i upgraded.i would have never done it.while it was free all kinds of contacts came in but i couldnot contact them back so i figured i would upgrade.and low and behold for the last 12 hrs no contacts no messages no nothing.seems like a scam to me.shame we cant sue.probally cant even get my money back.should be some way we can make them maybe some kinda law suit.but probly cant touch them.guess the best we can do is try and let everybody know what a rip off it is

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same for me, alot of hits then i upgraded then nothing. bull@#$%.


I get e-mail each date asking me to upgrade. Do not let these people scam you, if you have given Bank of credit card info,

go to your bank and have the Bank stop charges and change your info


same hear lots of contacts untill you pay then nothing


Same here! Thankfully I only spent the one month, and cancelled after the month. I am out $34, but that is it!!


Typical story, the only thing a woman wants is a man's money, and a male nurse to take care of her, when she is sick. You are better off getting a playboy magizine and jacking off. You are money ahead!


*** matches is not what it says to be .after upgrade not one reply . i have cancelled all dealings with these shonkys.get the word out there


Same here..I ask for credit and they refused..I have put in a dispute on my credit card..Will see what happens.


This is exactly what happened to me!! So don't be fooled, all the want is your money!


I have to agree it is a scam no one answers any contacts... looking for a refund

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