my husband and I have had many years of bad times. Through some this co has beenhelpful.

But now,that my husband is no longer able to woek(receives disibilty) instead of A paycheck,things have changed. I lost my job recently and we have fallen 79 days past due on oyr payment .I have called befor to ask about refinancing and was told they dont do this. I did make arrangements to send a payment,then found myself quite ill. Now four days later someone comes to my home and wants to pill my car.

Although I cannot drive right now,somemone took me the 30 miles to send a payment as well as loaned us the money. When I called back I was told sorry,eventhough you were told 30 minutes ago it would be ok I was informed (now that the co has the money)it could not be guarenteed that they wouldnot pull my car. Be paying on my car for almost six years now. Two years ago when I called to send the payoff was told they didnot accept them.

What a place. We do not have any credit,so we always pay through the nose,but we do pay.

People act as if we we dumb,not willing to pay for anything. I will say May everyone of them fall on bad times just as we have.

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