Timmins, Ontario

I have a cat and it's dieing right in front of me, I've been colling vets for help and can't get none, there should be a law that vets can't turn down an animal, i think that's so cruel i thought vets are there for them, i have never heard of a vet turning down a wild animal, hospitals can't turn down people so why should vets be able to, if i call the SPCA I'll never see my cat again and that's wrong, i have no insurance or money for one, i thought vets are there to help animals not turn them down, if someone don't make there payments don't take it out on everyone. were not all bad IT'S NOT RIGHT TO MAKE AN ANIMAL SUFFER, SHAME ON ALL VETS

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sorry duh i put your name by mistake it should have my name


so sorry to hear about your dog, 3 or 4 stitches does not cost $500, there out to make money and don't care about animals and that's the bottom line, that's why there should be a law, by the way i think my cat will be ok, i helped him pass a very large stool about the size of a tooney and very hard, it must have hurt something bad and if he didn't pass it he would more then likely be gone or darn near, i was with citi for a long time and i asked them for a lone and they turned me down, i will not be making anymore payments to them, the payments i'll keep and put it in a jar just in case someting happens, i hope your dog is ok, there part of the family and when they hurt you hurt right along with them, there just like kids


This is the same at all vets and animal hospitals. My dog had a single, shallow, puncture wound in her head and I came in covered in blood holding my poor dog and they wouldn't help unless I gave them $500.

All she needed was 3 or 4 stitches and some antibiotics. The vet himself, told me that if I couldn't come up with the $ they wouldn't help me.

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