My husband and I bought a washer and dryer set about 4 months ago, we did not have the cash so we financed them then out of the blue only 1 month after we got them the washer went out. We called them to tell them and they said they would send someone out to look at them the next day well the next day rolled around with no call then the next and the next and the next till my husband called and told them we have three children we need a washer.

Then the next day they sent a repair woman out at 8:15, way beyond reasonable business hours to tell us the motor went out. She then informed us they would come pick it up and bring us a loaner, that took another week. The last straw is we had the loaner for 1 month and are moving into a new home so they came and picked up the loaner and promised ours would be ready on the following Monday, again that has been almost two weeks ago. My husband has spoken with them several times only to get the run around, so needless to say we need this washer and dryer but our future business will be elsewhere!!!

Oh and we have never been late on a payment ans still they are treating us like no customer should ever be treated. Thanks A very angry customer!!

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