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was the third vehicle in the drive-thru. Took 20 minutes just to pick-up my 3 perscriptions. I sat there and watched and waited while 2 cars passed in their paper perscriptions and waited for the scripts to be filled. Amazing. Why were they not directied to come into the store to fill their scripts. I always call in my scripts then hit the drive-thru for a quickie pick-up. I cannot believe they block the drive-thru for customers to fill the scripts. I am looking now for a new drug store.

store located at dixie hwy and ring road in elizabethtown,ky....

Scott A Mattingly


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Keep in mind that you are not privy to the conversations at the drive through window. You must also be mindful of the mechanism that runs drive through.

It takes twice the effort to service one drive through customer than it does to service someone person to person within the store. It is frustrating, I know, and part if it is that you cannot see anything that is going on within the pharmacy, which adds to the negative side of the experience. I have serviced people at the drive through who refuse to move until their prescription is ready...and that holds up the line for quite a while. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Drive through comes with a cost. And that cost is, typically, time.

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