I am writing a complaint against your company because the customer service does not do their job. I have received numerous calls from your company informing me that I owe a bill that I have no knowledge of.

When I call to speak to customer service questioning the nature of the bill, they DO NOT provide be with any information other than it was a long-distance telephone bill. Foreign personnal call and answer the phones and do not speak fluent English which is another problem with the company...

When I ask from what telephone carrier was the bill made, the address it was under, what is the address to write to so I can dispute the bill; customer service will not provide me with it. I informed customer service that my ex-husband (of 10+ yrs) know my personal information including my SS#. Your company has no regards for anyone feelings and are just worried about collecting $ even if a person doesn't owe a bill.

I had my daughter call to see if she could get anywhere with finding out why I am receiveing calls inregards to oweing a bill and she couldn't get anywhere either....Your company is very unprofessional :( Warnetta Smith

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