I am a hairstylist and have been for 20+ years. I have worked in quite a few salons and they ALL work the same way with coupons.

When you hand your stylist a coupon they don't want you back fearing you are a repeated coupon user. It doesn't work like it does in the grocery store etc. the stylist is LOSING money beings that they are being paid by commission. The stylist is taking a hit on that service NOT the company. The company loves this because they get to pay their stylist less making it harder for them to make commission. (Without commission you make minimum wage)

If you are a coupon user at a hair salon don't be surprised if your stylist tries to push you on to someone else to get your hair done, or even worse...mess it up so you don't return.

This is not meant to be a ignorant post, it's to aware customers because they honestly don't know this.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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