Paradise, Texas

I bought a SUV from them, had to take it back 2 weeks later to have all the belts replaced, within a month of that when u turn a/c on and *** from a stop it makes all kinds of noise, plus EGR valve has to be replaced and the warranty i bought with my car doesn't cover ***! And I have to drive from stephenville to arlington to have it looked at!

Its ***, they also hid scratches and made it look all shinny but after washing it once whatever they put over the scratches washed right off!

Been a pure *** with them!! Will never buy from there again!!!!!!

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My compressor on my A/C is going out its going to cost me over 700 just to have it fixed!!! Plus over 200 to have erg valve fixed!!!

Only have had my vehical 2 months!!!!! Its BS!!!




"I bought a SUV from them"

Who is "them"?

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