My first grandchild. I ordered the cutest baby container, flowers, card, balloon.

Easy to order and pay. Next day they deliver some plain old vase, no card, totally cheap daisies, when I ordered the Premium package. Nothing for a baby, only got the balloon right.

I called the company. Was reassured they would make it right and deliver it to the home the next day, since the new parents would be going home from the hospital.

2 days later, still nothing has been delivered.

I called again and they tried to give me some lame story that at least they tried to match the baby container and the flowers. No way! A plain old vase is nothing for a baby. The flowers were not even close to what we ordered.

Now they say they'll call me back again tomorrow and try again?

I'm going to be disputing my credit card if they don't get their act together. I am a very patient person, but I wish to God, I'd went with Beneva or FTD or anyone else!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $72.

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