As you are aware of I am surviving cancer and fighting the demons that go with it. LA unjustified actions have completely devastated my family's survival. Desperate people do desperate things, i.e.; Dirty Secrets, http://igg.me/p/201009?a=835263 , the heartless and unjustified ending of my sales relationship with LA was totally unnecessary. Just to set the record straight again, I never posted on PissedConsumer.com until after being fired, and even then I never did anything other than discuss my firing. Never attacked anyone's character as I was accused of. This is a fact that I am prepared to stand on top of the highest building and continue to shout. It was only after your lawyers sent me that horrible letter with the erroneous charges that I found the power of the site.

I see you responded to the Action 5 News report so I am assuming you are the voice of reason at LA.

I have since found the power of this website and others, it allows me to SHOUT TO THE WORLD! As much as I want and for free!

I reaching out to you so I don't have shout to the world, the information on the Dirty Secrets site is true! The posting about the situation in the New York Office are all-true, people are being hurt and destroyed by this companies actions, and I know I was. I got up to go to work and do my job with dignity and earn a living as I did for more than 5 years. I got fired because of some guy's ego, my family is in crisis and now I will assure you, your company is also in crisis! What do I expect next, physical threats?

How can you, such an accomplished and educated woman associate your name with a company that allows this to happen to people like others and myself without speaking out? Actually I know the answer to my own question, I worked for this horrible company too. The hurt this company especially the New York Office is doing to nice people is beyond any reasoning.

You are now officially the person I will reference to call, email, visit, as the go to representative, in every post and site I create to raise money for my family. My latest site as you know is Dirty Secrets. To add more injury to insult, I applied for a job with a competitor of LA and was refused because they were sued by LA in the past because of a non compete clause in the Independent Consultants Agreement. Watch http://igg.me/p/201009?a=835263 to see the coming section on Independent Consultants Agreement and LA.

You know the power of the net, Dirty Secrets has received 1,712 views as of this writing and I have done nothing to publicize it! The video will go viral, with your name attached as spokesman for LA., I hope they taught you well at Harvard and Wharton to deal with life ruining policies that you are part of with this company.

Bottom line, I will go public with the eBook Dirty Secrets whether it becomes a reality or not. I will raise the funds needed to allow my family to be comfortable whether through Dirty Secrets of other campaigns . I may make a name as the guy always trying to make money through LA. I will use every and let me repeat every means possible to reach as many people as possible. I will see you in every corner of the net, every radio show that will hear me, every TV show and news show that will feature me, every message board that will post me, every blog that will write about me, you know the power of the net, for a TV Station like Action 5 News, I am a slow news day fill-in, every complaint site on the net, every competitor you have sued will view …………Dirty Secrets………………is a dream come true for them. Watch how Jay Leno turns on this company, watch how Willard Scott gets pissed! I too have a media background and now I have learnt the power of the net! Did you see the YouTube Video, pretty good for an amateur, now I go to the pros to assist.

I want to be compensated for the injustice and my family made whole! I fear not, I have fought battles with weapons, and by hand, I'm a street kid that does not get pushed around, beat cancer too, how tough are you! Bet you never received an email that was on the net forever before! Speak to Mr. Isaac or whoever wears the pants in that family. LA destroyed my life and I fought too hard to create it and I don't give a "***" about this company's future. They took mine away and I will let the world know legally whom they are. I am open to finding a solution to this. I will not wait; no word is an answer too. If I don't hear from you immediately hat will be the loudest silence you ever heard.

I look forward to saying a prayer for you and your family.

God Bless

Monetary Loss: $50.

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