I ordered 1 basic kit for 29.95 online when I checked my back account it was debited twice then I checked my email account and there was to separate email confirmations . The first time I called them I was told this was normal that it would fall off my account when the order was shipped, this was just a pending hold until it clears...WHAT!

I've never seen a pending hold for the same amount as the purchase. Then on the second call I was told that they could not see or do anything to my account for 72 hours and that I should call back then and cancel. How the *** can you have a system that will ship out orders but you have no way record of it for 72 hours. And who's going to pay to have the extra product shipped back and now that I see all these emails about hair falling out I'm not using this *** on my hair.

I usually check online reviews before I purchase items but this time I didn't and look what happened.

I'm so upset and so worried about my account information. There should be a law against treating people like and from all the review I just read there's many people upset over this Wen product.

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