Well after reading so many complaints.. it leads me to believe that the people of this world have nothing else better to do with their time.

I know that sometimes your expectations are not met, leading you to be displeased.

But to BLAME a whole company for the era of ONE person leads me to believe that the person complaining has many issues at home and in their personal life.

Blame a whole company for the mistake of 1 person shows that you as a person are not real educated. I for one would hold the person accountable the company. But then again. lmao I don't come on this sight to wine and complain.

I use this sight as a learning tool, Meaning I now realize that meany people Believe they are SOOOOOOO perfect that if someone makes a mistake or does not please the PERFECT THEM. then they should be able to come on a web sight and SLANDER a whole company....

well my consumer friends next time you open your mouths,,,,,, remember it could be your daughter, son, husband or even yourself being butchered on here, and maybe you will count to TEN BEFORE POSTING SOMETHING YOU COULD REGRET LATER. I hope everyone who reads this post has a beautiful day....

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