In the present cut-throat competitive age, getting Top ranking in the Search Engines is not that easy for many. Search Engines are getting faster and smarter day by day and there good content is not just enough to promote a website. Among all the aspects associated with a website promotion, On-page Optimization occupies the most important position.

On-page optimization is one of the initial steps every professional should adopt in order to succeed in the rank achievement war in the search engines. In on-page optimization, SEO process should be performed in every part of a website. Some of the major On-page parts include:

Title Tag Optimization: Title is the most important part of every website, which is get noticed by Search Engines and the visitors. The Title Tag of your website should be short and descriptive enough so your website visitors come to know about the type of website easily. And, as the Title Tag is the first thing to be cached and indexed by Search Engines, every SEO professional should give first priority in developing/modifying Title Tag of a website.

HTML Tags Optimization: For your website it is necessary that you highlight the portions of your website that you want your readers go through. Along with visitors, it is also important to think about the Search Engine preferences, and that's why it is required to pay proper attention on the HTML tags optimization.

Keyword Optimization: Keywords are the keys of a website through which Search Engines categorize a website. Content of a website should be written in such a manner that it gets equal attentions from the visitors and the search engines. An SEO professional is responsible to optimize the content of the website in a way that gets loved by both its readers and search engines.

The other segments of on-page optimization include Image Optimization, Meta Tags Optimization, Alt tag optimization, sitemap creation etc.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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