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WE arrived around 12:00 sunday we stood for three hours holding three small kids after driving for 5 hours from atlanta Tex in the cold there is no excuse for this kind of treatment to haft go through to see our love one especially since i am truck driver and cant see her but every now and then when i am home or even talk to her texas rips us off charging for everything including parking to just see her or talk to her they counted on that you don:t have the since to do anything about it but this is start of my campaign is get rid of the idots rhat are working there and abuse these inmates and the ones who abused their power b/c they haft to work we also was only allowed 2 chairs to set in and we had three children one was 7 one was 3 and one 11/2 old this was unreasonable behavior and we were only allowed thirty minutes after all that time of trying to see our love one not only the government is going to hear about this i going write to everyone about this treatment thank you

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Whatever. Your post doesn't make any sense.

You must of visited someone in prison?

Who cares if you had to stand.

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